Kelley Harris

Owner | Lead Photographer

Meet Kelley, a genuine Midwestern soul who has made a vibrant home in Texas. Nestled in the friendly arms of The Woodlands community, she’s not just raising a family, but also capturing life’s precious moments. Kelley’s love affair with photography started at the young age of fourteen, a spark that has grown into a blazing passion. Over the years, her art has blossomed, but her commitment to delivering top-notch images has never wavered.

Kelley is more than a photographer; she’s a catalyst for confidence and empowerment. Specializing in boudoir photography, she transforms each session into a sanctuary of self-celebration. Clients find not just a camera, but an experience that illuminates their radiant beauty, both inside and out. Kelley has a unique talent for making her clients feel completely at ease, while ensuring they have a fantastic time. It’s about capturing the essence of who they are, wrapped in an aura of comfort and fun.

As a top-rated luxury boudoir studio, Kelley’s space is where confidence blooms, and true beauty is captured in its most authentic form. Every session is a journey of empowerment, a dance of light and shadows playing over forms, celebrating the individuality and strength of each client. Kelley’s lens doesn’t just take a picture; it tells a story of beauty, power, and grace, leaving clients with not just stunning photographs but an unforgettable, exhilarating experience.

Annabelle Gebauer

Secondary Photographer | Executive Assistant

Annabelle’s journey began amidst the serene landscapes of the English countryside, surrounded by her lively Italian family. A transatlantic move at the age of 7 marked the beginning of her artistic pursuits. Initially trained in classical ballet for nine years, she transitioned to ballroom dancing, ultimately becoming an instructor.

After three years of immersing herself in dance, Annabelle discovered her true passion: photography. Her journey behind the lens commenced at the age of 14, guided by her older sister. Since then, she has explored various facets of the photography world, from weddings to freelancing, and collaborated with accomplished photographers to refine her craft.

For the past five years, Annabelle has been an integral part of the Dazzling Diva team, contributing her skills across various domains. While adept in all aspects, her true joy lies in fostering meaningful connections with our cherished clients.

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Jen Dawson

Hair & Makeup Artist

Introducing Jen, a distinguished hair and makeup artist with an illustrious career that began in 1998. Her remarkable journey in the beauty industry saw a significant leap in 2009 when she ventured into the film sector. Jen’s clientele is as varied as it is prestigious, encompassing not just beautiful brides and prom-goers, but also renowned celebrities and notable public figures. Among her many esteemed clients, Jen had the privilege of serving as a makeup artist for former U.S. President George H.W. Bush Sr., a testament to her exceptional skills.

As the proud founder of René Renee, Jen brings her wealth of experience to the forefront, committed to enhancing your natural beauty with her mastery in high-end luxury makeup and hair styling. With Jen, you are not just getting a service; you’re experiencing the art of beauty transformation at the hands of an expert who has graced some of the most famous faces. Rest assured, your radiant beauty is in the very best of hands with Jen’s exquisite artistry.

Kaylee Broadhead

Photography Assistant

Welcome Kaylee, a charming addition to Houston, originally from the sun-kissed beaches of San Diego. Her educational path took her to San Diego State University, where she delved into the
world of business, complementing her major with a minor in religious studies.

Beyond the lens, Kaylee is passionately involved in community service. She dedicates her time to nurturing children, actively volunteering with church groups, and offering support to mothers across various walks of life. In her leisure moments, Kaylee is often found lost in the pages of a captivating book or enjoying a movie marathon.

In our studio, Kaylee shines as the exceptional photography assistant, playing an integral role in making your boudoir photography session an extraordinary experience. Her warm and engaging demeanor ensures that you feel comfortable and fabulous from start to finish. Kaylee’s presence is not just about assistance; it’s about adding that extra touch of joy and ease to your incredible boudoir experience!

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Teagan Hintze

Executive Manager

Introducing Teagan, a growth enthusiast who embarked on her journey of aiding businesses in 2015. Driven by the vision to bring ease and fluidity to her clients, she rapidly expanded her business. Teagan’s educational background includes earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography in 2010, followed by the pursuit of an MBA, reflecting her commitment to continuous learning and knowledge expansion.

In collaboration with our team, Teagan dedicates herself to ensuring your experience is characterized by seamless transitions and unforgettable moments, from your initial inquiry to the delivery of your final image.

In her spare time you will find her reading a book, watching a movie or playing a game with her energetic 8 year old.